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Tag: anxiety

Two Critical Keys to Having a Healthier Heart

During my own medical school education, there was a lot of buzz about the type A personality. This personality style describes people who are obsessed with time management and are high-achieving workaholics, rigidly organized, and status-conscious.

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How to Naturally Reverse Anxiety

Millions of Americans are living with anxiety, and even more around the globe. I was recently interviewed about natural approaches to dealing with anxiety. Here’s my interview, and make sure you see the full article below.

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Ask Dr. Elaine

Question: Dr. Elaine, I have tried and tried to get control of my thoughts. It feels like they are doing the thinking for me, and I can’t stop them. The only time I can stop worrying and thinking about something terrible happening is when I am asleep. I am a nervous wreck. My doctor wants me to take anti-anxiety medication, and I don’t want to. What can I do?

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