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Category: Health


Diet Reverses Alzheimer’s Symptoms

A diet containing compounds found in green tea and carrots reversed Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in mice genetically programmed to develop the disease, USC researchers say.

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Does High Fructose Corn Syrup Fuel Cancer?

Does high fructose corn syrup directly feed cancers, boosting their growth? The answer is yes according to an animal study conducted by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medicine.

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Guilt Free Dairy?

Guilt Free Dairy? Dairy has a questionable, if not bad rap.  A new study found no significant link between dairy and premature death caused by

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Cognitive Decline

Mushrooms Promote Memory Protection

Researchers have found that seniors who consume more than 2 portions of mushrooms weekly experienced a 50 per cent reduced risk of memory loss (mild cognitive impairment).

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Fast Foods Unhealthier than they were 30 Years Ago!

Despite strengthened laws and regulations across the country in recent decades to make restaurant offerings healthier, and despite the push by many chains to add healthier options for diners, a new study finds that fast-food menus in the U.S. are unhealthier than they were 30 years ago.

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