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You have an amazing body, a limitless mind, and an eternal spirit. You have a remarkable physiology, one that is extremely sensitive to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your environment. Each and every moment, your body adjusts to you by releasing chemicals that affect all of your cells — reflecting your feelings, thinking and being at any given moment.

Introducing Your Amazing Body

Are you aware of your innate magnificence? I’d like to introduce you to your amazing body. Volumes of encyclopedias couldn’t describe the many wondrous activities that are going on within you as you read these words. When you mentally scan your body, you are unaware of the millions of biochemical reactions taking place, or the creation and repair of your cells and organs.

Your Natural State is Optimal Health

Your body is designed to express optimal health and well-being. By that I mean a sound, highly functioning body and a joyful state of being, when your mind reflects your spiritual essence. Yet, we haven’t been taught to fully engage this natural healing capacity — that powerful mechanism of biochemistry and energetic transformation that promotes self-healing on a molecular level.

We don’t sit around wondering how our body does what we want it do to — to walk, touch, digest, move, think, feel, and creatively express our thoughts. The same holds true for healing. Your body’s ability to heal itself is too powerful to stop. You can interfere with the process and slow it down, but your body will use its innate power to heal damaged cells.

I believe the basis of disease is a disruption of the internal regenerative and healing mechanisms. I am committed to helping you learn how to correct imbalances while they are still relatively easy to resolve, so you can maintain good health and prevent certain diseases. I also want to show you how to activate the healing response on every level of your being — mind, body, and spirit — to reverse even advanced diseases.

Are you experiencing vibrant and optimal health, or do you take your body for granted? Even worse, are you critical of how your body looks, your weight, etc.? Most of us may give a negative response to these questions and think it’s normal. I thought this way for years, but I discovered how to reverse that way of being.

As a physician, I feel privileged to have witnessed on many occasions the tremendous innate healing ability that we all possess. I’ve seen cancers deemed terminal suddenly disappear from bodies wracked with pain and anguish. I’ve seen the dead return to life, their bodies remarkably unaffected by their death experiences.

These experiences caused me to explore a wide variety of healing approaches — from nutrition, mind-body medicine, and fitness to health promotion, Eastern medical systems, and spirituality.

I discovered that all of these approaches have something in common: They help to address the true causes of disharmony and disease, and create an opportunity for the body to do what it does best when it is in alignment, even briefly, with the mind and spirit.

What is Superhealing?

I came to discover an empowering holistic approach, one that I call superhealing. Superhealing is your innate ability to accelerate your body’s powerful natural health capacities through active participation in their expression. That means involving your mind, your body, and your spirit to restore the balance and harmony that is necessary to open the floodgates of healing, which are not under your conscious control.

Superhealing allows you to draw upon a broad range of clinically proven techniques, tools, and processes that speak to your needs and preferences. The superhealing approach affirms and recognizes that your essential nature is derived from your spirit, the foundation of all health and well-being.

Here are eight simple yet powerful superhealing steps that will help you to achieve optimal health and well-being.

1. Love yourself just the way you are.
2. Live in the moment.
3. Laugh and smile often throughout your day.
4. Take deep breaths often.
5. Move your body.
6. Eat healthy foods.
7. Get adequate sleep.
8. Be grateful.

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Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-being
by Elaine Ferguson MD