I apologize for not including this post in last week’s newsletter.  However, I do know that  everything, even mistakes happens for a reason.  A couple of weeks ago, my heart was deeply touched by two people in the media.  While searching a video for one of the amazing persons, I wanted to share with you, I discovered a third, the smallest baby to ever survive.


During the last month, two people in the media deeply touched my heart.  One, Evan Muncie, a man pulled from the rubble of the grocery store where he was employed after 4 weeks. To my knowledge no one has ever survived 4 weeks without water, until now.


Joannie Rochette, the Canadian figure skater who took to the ice, and touched the world with her grace, fortitude and artistry in the wake her beloved mother’s sudden death, two days earlier.


And finally to my amazement, a baby born June 25, 2009 weighing only 9 ounces in Germany, spent 6 months in the intensive care nursery at the University of Goettingen Hospital and went home in December weighing 3.7 Kg, almost 8 pounds!


Please keep in mind doctors usually believe any baby weighing less than 12 ounces (350 grams) will not survive.


Previously, the most premature baby to have survived, a girl born in Miami, America in 2004, is believed to have been born after 21 weeks.


Amazing Earthquake Survivor-Evan Muncie



Grace and Grief-Joannie Rochette


The World’s Tiniest Survivor

 ‘Smallest ever’ baby born in Germany, survives