A Special Holiday Message……

I received this holiday message a few days ago, and because it touched my heart so deeply, I wanted to share it with you.  I wish you and your circle of loved ones, a truly happy holiday season and an abundantly happy new year!

At the core of our hearts, I feel that we all care for each other and compassion is one of the highest ways to express our care. During this holiday season and these unpredictable times, let’s remember to have compassion for those who are enduring distress and hardships. Compassion is recognized as one of the most powerful and nurturing qualities within the love spectrum.

As we genuinely express compassion without attachment to outcomes, the energy of compassion goes to the highest need – which is not always what our personality projects, understands or wants to control. True compassion weaves its magic, sometimes visibly, often unseen, but never wasted as it nurtures all within its radiance. Unconditional love and allowance are the underpinnings of compassion in its highest vibration of effectiveness.

It’s valuable for us to remember that self-compassion de-stresses and renews our own system and is especially supportive in these times of collective transitions and changes across the earth. As we share our feelings to release pressure, it’s important to restore energetic balance and emotional poise for our own health and wellbeing. Practicing care, kindness and compassion for ourselves and each other is one of the most effective ways to restore our system and align with our heart’s intelligent choices.

Let’s maintain a heart’s desire that one day we can all get along, as that is who we truly are at the end of the day. Be well and have heartfelt connections through the holidays.

(Thank you Doc Childre, Hearth Math founder)