Good morning! Did you design your Superhealing program yesterday? I congratulate you if you did, and want you to know if you didn’t,you are not too far behind, just do it today.

As I shared with you on Saturday, the workshop was my gift to you. Deciding to improve your health, and step on to the path of creating optimal health and well-being through engaging your mind, body, and spirit is truly one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.

And loving yourself every day is the foundation of all good things, I believe in life. If we don’t love ourselves, we feel unworthy and undeserving.


Many have shared the remarkable experiences of focusing on self-love. Thank you. It’s amazing how powerful love is.

And if you are struggling, that’s okay, don’t give up. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are worthy of love, and you

are in the process of remembering. Just remember those water photos.

In fact, here is a video about Dr. Emoto’s research.

The highest form of engagement is love and appreciation. That is what the scriptures and wise ones tell us from  around the globe.

Have a wonderful day engaging your mind!