I’d just moved to Chicago to begin my residency at the University of Chicago Hospitals, and a new friend, I’ll always be indebted to her gave me a book to read that changed my life. She shared her copy of A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy by Max Gerson, MD. It was about his nutritional approach to cancer treatment. I was fascinated and amazed, but not fully ready to completely embrace the thought that cancer could be reversed by diet. It was contradictory to everything I’d just learned in medical school. But I knew there had to be more to cancer treatment than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Needless to say, Dr. Gerson was ahead of the curve, as all geniuses are, and research centers around the world, are confirming the power of simple fruits and vegetables to stop the development of and reverse malignant cancers. And it comes as no great surprise, when you consider that 30% of all cancers are linked to diet.

So the answer is a resounding YES! You can eat and beat cancer!

Here’s the latest nutritional research and cancer prevention and treatment—“Eat to Beat Cancer,” A TED talk given by William Li, MD. In it he discusses the latest research that found natural substances in certain foods prevent the development of cancer tumors, by interrupting the blood supply. And also can be used to treat existing cancers.

For more information about Dr. Gerson visit http://www.gerson.org.

Watch the Gerson documentary here.