Do You Have an Immune Competent Personality?

What do you do, when someone dear to you asks you to do something for them,  when you know you need to rest?  What do you do? Do you overlook your health and well-being and do what is asked of you, or do you say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t” ?  Believe it or not your response to such a request exerts a powerful impact   on your immune system.

Here’s a brief survey that will let you know if you have an immune competent personality.

Take the survey-

Immune Competent Personality Test

The IMMUNE COMPETENT PERSONALITY is based on Dr. George Solomon’s research.

  1. Do I have a sense of meaning in my work, daily, activities, family and relationships?
  2. Am I able to express anger appropriately in defense of myself?
  3. Am I able to ask friends and family for support when I am feeling lonely or troubled?
  4. Am I able to ask friends or family for favors when I need them?
  5. Am I able to say no to someone who asks for a favor if I can’t or don’t feel like doing it?
  6. Do I engage in health related behaviors based on my own self defined needs instead of someone else’s prescriptions or ideas?
  7. Do I have enough play in my life?
  8. Do I find myself depressed for long periods during which time I feel hopeless about ever changing the conditions that cause me to be depressed?
  9. Am I dutifully filling a prescribed role in my life to the detriment of my own needs?

Answers: If you answer no to the first seven questions and yes to the last two you need attention.

*Siegel’s three additions:

  1. I am taking you to dinner what do you want?
  2. What would you hold up before an audience to demonstrate the beauty and meaning of life?
  3. How would you introduce yourself to God?


  1. Your response should relate to your feelings not your thinking about what to eat.
  2. Mirror
  3. You are a child of God

George F. Solomon, M.D., was a pioneer of psychoneuroimmunology, conducted some of the first  studies on personality and immunity. His research determined  that people who assert their needs and feelings have stronger, more balanced immune responses. They more readily resist and overcome a range of diseases associated with dysfunctional immunity–from rheumatoid arthritis to AIDS. Solomon has found immune-competent connections to other personality traits, such as the capacity to find meaning in stressful life circumstances.