Interview with Dr. Garland



Several prominent Vitamin D research studies have found that higher blood levels of the active and circulating form of Higher serum levels of the main circulating form of vitamin D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D), are associated with significantly lower rates of colon, breast, ovarian, renal, pancreatic, aggressive prostate and other cancers. 


Their research findings, of population studies, combined with newly discovered mechanisms suggest a new model of cancer causes accounts for the actions of Vitamin D’s active form.


Dr. Cedric Garland proposes that 58,000 cases of breast cancer and 49,000 new cases of colon and rectal cancer each year can be reduced with appropriate Vitamin D levels in the United States and Canada. And could eliminate 75% of all deaths from these diseases in the US and Canada, if the 25 (OH) D level is raised to 50 to 60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L).


There are no unreasonable risks from intake of 2000 IU per day of vitamin D3, or from a population serum 25(OH)D level of 40 to 60 ng/mL.  Dr. Garland asserts that the time has arrived for nationally coordinated action to substantially increase Vitamin D intake that would not only prevent the occurrence of these tragic and costly diseases, but also tremendously improve our national level of health and the quality of life. 


This is stunning information, in my opinion, especially for people with a family history of these cancers.  I’ve seen people worry themselves chronically about the possibility of cancer developing.  Now, with a simple test, and taking the supplement, what could be easier? And consider the relief of mind from the worry surrounding yearly tests, checkups, etc.


Sometimes, easy solutions are the most difficult ones to grasp.