www.holistichealingguide.comDo you know that you have the power to improve your health, or do you believe that it’s your family history, your genes, your doctors,  your access to medical care, your health insurance plan that is most important?

Many years ago when I was in medical school, I attended a lecture that was at the time, very disturbing to me.  The guest lecturer shared information about a study that was conducted in Nevada and Utah, that found that access to health care, with the exception of trauma and emergencies played no role in life expectancy.

As a medical student, I was shocked. Why am I here? I wondered.

The researcher explained that while these two states had very similar economic and social demographics, the lifestyles were very different. And the residents of Utah were much healthier than those in Nevada.

For years that study sat in the back of my mind, and I wondered if my sacrifices and decision to become a physician were worth it.

Yes, they were, when I realized that my primary role as a physician, should be to help empower my patients to give them the information and tools that would help them to improve their health and well-being.

I believe health is the foundation of our life. There was a commercial many years ago for a vitamin that said, “When you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything.  That is so true.

In my opinion, health is not the mere absence of disease.  It is the capacity to function harmoniously on all levels, that include body, mind and spirit.  It is a process, not an end result, one that is continuously unfolding.

That is why I advocate holistic healing and holistic medicine, a comprehensive, inclusive approach to healing.

Research shows that our genes are affected by our emotions.  Literally a happy, loving state of being, turns on genes that promotes our health.

Health is the source of happiness in our life. It is a level of functioning of human body and spirit. The definition of health is “The state of the organism when it functions optimally without evidence of disease or abnormality”. This state is characterized by anatomical and psychological integrity, the ability to deal with stress and a feeling of general well being.

The human body is a magnificent creation. It has the ability to maintain health and to heal itself.  To create or maintain our health, we need to take care of our body, mind and spirit, which is no easy task in today’s ever increasingly stressful and busy world.

But it is something we must do.  Your doctor can’t fix you.  He or she can treat your body’s symptoms with powerful drugs, surgery, and a truly remarkable and expensive technology. But what you do every day in between doctor’s visits, is much more important.

One of the greatest contributors to disease is stress.  Of course, stress is a part of life.  And while situations can be perceived as challenging, difficult and painful, the way we respond to stress can be changed, which changes the way our body responds to the situation, and makes us less susceptible to developing a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure.

The vast majority of doctor’s visits are stress related, but there’s very little most physicians do

So how is holistic healing a key to your health?

From my perspective,  I recommend cultivating  the following habits:

  1. Pay attention to yourself. Notice your feelings and emotions as they arise.
  2. Get proper rest
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Do what brings you joy
  5. Eat healthy foods  and pay attention when you eat

I know this sounds simple, but it requires commitment, consistency and focus.

When you become stressed, know that you have a choice.  You can halt the harmful effects chronic stress can visit your upon your body with the release of chronic stress hormones

Learning how to appropriately respond to stress, can have a tremendous impact on your

Taking responsibility for your health is critical.     Click here and download your  free healing meditation now!

To your good health,
Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

To inform, to inspire, to heal