Is Your Health Being Silently Damaged?

There are lots of buzzwords thrown around when it comes to health, though some are more valid and important to pay attention to than others. One that’s been recently gaining some traction, electric and magnetic fields, also called electromagnetic fields or EMFs, is one that matters.

EMFs are invisible areas of energy, radiation that we are exposed to each and every day. Though some are naturally occurring, the ones we’re most concerned about are created by electrical power and man-made sources like power lines, lighting, home appliances, wifi, cell phones; the list of contributors goes on and on. Something as small as a hair dryer even emits EMFs, which can fall into two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing.

Ionizing EMFs are produced by ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays; these are mid- to high-frequency radiation sources that we’ve already suspected for quite some time may lead to negative health effects like DNA damage. While they were previously considered benign to human health, we’re now discovering that non-ionizing EMFs, which are low- to mid-frequency radiation, can indeed pose a threat to the body as well.

Think about all the different electrical and wireless tech devices in your home and on your person at all times. It’s a lot. Even if you’re not using your cell phone every minute of the day, chances are it’s either on you or near you, with wifi and Bluetooth activated. How about the many devices we all keep plugged in day and night: alarm clocks, computers, phone chargers, toaster ovens, televisions….we are constantly bombarded by EMFs from these sources, many of them kept in close proximity to our brains. Some other culprits are microwaves, power lines, “Smart House” energy meters, lights, and MRIs.

EMFs from these non-ionizing sources have been studied for their possible correlation to a wide range of dis-ease: childhood leukemia, brain tumors, genotoxicity, immune system dysregulation, breast cancer, miscarriage, cardiovascular impacts, and neurodegenerative and neurological effects. The BioInitiative Report, a public policy initiative based on international research around EMFs, states that it’s reasonable to suspect health risks from prolonged exposure to this kind of radiation. EMFs can even create imbalances in circadian rhythm, affecting our sleep quality.

You’re probably wondering what a modern-day person is supposed to do? After all, most of us rely on these devices to get us through the day, earn a living, and keep us entertained. Here are my top five tips for limiting your exposure to EMFs:

  1. Turn off your wifi at night: You can get an easy remote controlled power adapter to turn this off and on if it's difficult to reach, or simply plug all your electronics into a power strip that you can switch off and on with a single button.
  2. Use airplane mode: Put your phone into airplane mode to stop it from sending and receiving cellular signals; this is a great option if you’re in a space without control over the wifi, like sleeping in a hotel room. Just don’t keep it on your nightstand close to your head, even in airplane mode. As long as your phone is on, you’ll still be exposed to some magnetic fields and the closer to your body it is the more danger it poses. Airplane mode is also great if you want to use your phone’s camera for a family day without the distraction of incoming calls and texts.
  3. Use smart cases: The brand Alara, among others, makes cases for iPhones and iPads that help to reduce radiation. With how often we’re all attached to smartphones, this can make a large impact on your overall exposure. You can also find products like the DefenderPad to reduce EMFs emitted by your laptop—and whatever you do, don’t set a laptop on your lap! This is putting your reproductive organs in close proximity to that radiation, something that could be especially dangerous if you are considering starting a family.
  4. Seek out sources of negative ions: Negative ions can counteract the draining, and potentially harmful, effects of positive ions emitted by electronics. Have you ever felt lighter or noticed a sense of relief after a thunderstorm? That is the calming effect of negative ions. To expose yourself to negative ions, take a walk in the woods (anytime, but especially after a thunderstorm) or visit a nearby waterfall, lake, or ocean. Even taking a shower will expose you to some of those negative ions.
  5. Do a digital detox. The best thing you can do to reduce your overall exposure to EMFs is to turn all electronic gadgets completely off, as much as possible. This is also a great way to reconnect with those we love, engage in playful activities, or give our minds time to rest—all of which have numerous whole-body benefits.

I hope you find this information on EMFs helpful and empowering; it’s up to us to make the best decisions for our health and in recognizing these sources we’re able to limit our own everyday exposure more consciously. This compelling documentary exposes a critical problem that affects everyone: 'smart' utility meters which facilitate in-home spying, increase utility bills, present a risk of homes fires and hacking, emit wireless pulses and dirty electricity, and are shown to cause health problems.




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