Children have a way of expressing the truth of who we really are, in a most profound way. They are still deeply in touch with their spirit and have not lost site of their internal gifts. During my years in medical school and residency, I was deeply inspired by the strength and capacity to endure serious and even terminal illnesses with grace, dignity and love.

Last night, I discovered yet another example of a little girl’s incredible fighting spirit, her will to live life to its fullest, and endure severe pain while living with an aggressive, terminal cancer.

May Lacey’s indomitable spirit and the story of her relationship with a young man she called, her brother and Superman, a MSU star basketball player uplift your spirit today and remind you of the strength and beauty that resides within us all.

Video compilation: Lacey Holsworth’s story touched lives of many, including Michigan State’s Adreian Payne

Must watch: Full video of Tom Izzo’s emotional speech at Lacey Holsworth vigil:

Adrian Payne, Tom Izzo join hundreds on MSU campus to honor Lacey Holsworth