Egyptian and Finnish medical researchers analyzed the effect of 200 mg per day of vitamin C on 60 children with asthma between the ages of 7 and 10.

They found depending on a child’s age, severity of asthma, exposure to molds or dampness, vitamin C has varying amounts of benefits.  Vitamin C’s effect on lung function was effected by the child’s age and exposure to molds or dampness.

In the youngest children from 7 to 8, for those who were not exposed to molds or dampness, taking the vitamin increased lung volume by 37 percent.  The researchers also found that the youngest children with the mildest symptoms experienced the greatest improvement of lung volume,  while older children with severe symptoms experienced the smallest benefit.

The researchers note it is important to conduct additional research to confirm their findings and to identify more accurately the groups of children with asthma who would receive the greatest benefit from vitamin C supplementation.


Clinical and Translational Allergy