Not only is it possible for you to live free of chronic disease and pain, it is your birthright.

Superhealing is the science of radiant health based on the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry and molecular cellular biology.

Superhealing gives you the whole picture of the living systems that govern your life.

Utilizing the strength from Mind, Body and Spirit, Superhealing presents a proven solution for creating vibrant health.

The power of the mind: Neuroscience focuses on understanding how the brain works and how it produces observed behavior.

The regeneration of the body: Cellular regeneration focuses on renewal and growth of cells and how this happens with nutrient-rich foods.

The energy of the spirit: Personal and social connectivity focuses on finding meaning and purpose and setting intentions accordingly.

Traditional thinking has kept us in the dark about how to obtain true optimal health. Superhealing is living your best life story by understanding and applying the Science of You.

Superhealing is your innate ability to engage and accelerate your body’s powerful natural health capacities through active participation in their expression. That means involving your mind, your body, and your spirit to restore the balance that is necessary to open the floodgates of healing that are not under your conscious control. This approach may require that you draw upon a broad range of clinically proven techniques, tools, and processes that speak to your needs and personal preferences. The superhealing approach affirms and recognizes that your essential nature is derived from your spirit, the foundation of all health and well-being.

A superhealing approach emphasizes the importance and necessity of involving the whole person, all aspects of being, in the creation of optimal wellness. Imagine a continuum of wellness, with optimal health and well-being on the far right  and terminal illness on the far left. You can view superhealing as movement from wherever you begin—even a position of so-called neutrality, represented by a state of health that is seemingly okay but cannot be sustained—toward an increasingly positive state. This approach recognizes and promotes the fundamental innate capacity of the body to heal itself, and the role your various aspects of being play in the process. it acknowledges the role that all aspects of your being—your mind, your body, and your spirit—play in the expression of your health and the development of disease.

When we see superhealing occur in extreme cases, such as the spontaneous remission of a cancer, this innate capacity—perhaps more than any other mysterious inborn ability we possess—profoundly challenges the belief systems that most of us use to chart the courses of our lives. We can only aim to consciously create the conditions that make superhealing possible in any given case of severe chronic illness or injury; we cannot guarantee success. But the fact that healing is outside our conscious control and yet occurs can dissolve even our most carefully assembled belief systems.

As you watch SuperHealing Secrets or read my book, SuperHealing: Engaging Your Mind,Body and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-Being, you may realize that your own beliefs about what is and is not possible in terms of healing interfered with your progress in achieving optimal health and well-being in the past. I encourage you to use this moment as an opportunity to reach a new level of awareness, health, and well-being through a deeper understanding of your essential nature, which is the sustenance of life. You are life.

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