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What is Superhealing?

You have an amazing body, one that is designed to function with ease and to experience health.  Not only is it possible for you to live free of chronic disease and pain, health is your birthright!

Superhealing is your innate ability to engage and accelerate your body’s powerful natural health capacities. Involving your mind, your body, and your spirit to restore the balance that is necessary to open the floodgates of healing that are not under your conscious control.

Superhealing affirms and honors your essential nature is your spirit, the foundation of all health and well-being.  It supports and promotes the fundamental innate ability of your body to heal itself, and sustain health and well-being.

Superhealing acknowledges the role that all aspects of your being—your mind, your body, and your spirit—play in the expression of your health and the development of disease.

Superhealing is the science of radiant health based on a vast array of scientific fields, including  neuroscience, biochemistry,  and molecular and cellular biology, positive psychology, psychophysiology, mind-body medicine, health promotion, wellness, and ancient healing traditions.

Superhealing gives you the whole picture of the living systems that govern your life. It is whole being health.

Utilizing the strength from Mind, Body and Spirit, Superhealing presents a proven solution for creating vibrant health.

The power of the mind: Neuroscience reveals the power the mind has on the body and our health, through the physiological impact our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, intentions and perceptions have on the way our cells, organs and body as a whole functions.

The regeneration of the body: When the body functions with ease, cellular regeneration allows  renewal and growth of our cells.  This process occurs when we provide our body with nutrient-rich foods and emotions.

The energy of the spirit: Personal and social connectivity focuses on finding meaning and purpose and setting intentions accordingly, which allows the body to function with greater ease and efficiency.

Traditional thinking has kept us in the dark about how to obtain true optimal health. Superhealing is living your best life story by understanding and applying the Science of You.

Dr. Elaine Ferguson integrates life-giving systems into one comprehensive self-care program that will dramatically improve your healing intelligence. Once you raise your healing intelligence, you can create your own optimal wellness road-map.


Dr. Elaine describes what Superhealing can do for you.

  "Superhealing is an approach to taking care of our bodies/selves whereby we actively participate in heightening our own innate healing capacity.  Healing becomes superhealing in the presence of consciously engaging your body, mind, and spirit in order to more fully express your powerful internal repair and regenerative mechanisms that are the foundation of your capacity to experience optimal health and well-being."

-Dr. Elaine

What are Dr. Elaine’s major beliefs?

Love is the Divine intelligence that gives meaning, lifts us from our existing thoughts and behaviors, connects us to experiences beyond those caused by our stress, and places us on the road to optimal wellness.

  • Our beliefs have the power to change our physiology and affect our health – for the better or worse.

We are able to change our thought patterns and habits by creating new neural pathways.

  • Our brain is adaptable. Understanding behavioral change should be integrated into health promotion, disease prevention, and rehabilitation programs. We engage this change through:
    • Laughter
    • Meditation
    • Visualization
    • Expressive Writing
    • Positive Affirmation

We are not bound by our genetic DNA coding.

  • Genetic expression can be altered with environmental input and lifestyle.
    • Emotional lifestyle and chemistry play key role in maintaining the health of our genes, which means there are thousands of variations.
    • Stress management can affect the health of our cells and genes.
    • Constant stress is a primary contributor to the development of chronic disease.

 Did You Know?


  • Forgiveness - both for others and importantly for yourself, helps you heal. From Chapter 8 of Superhealing:

"Forgiveness is truly one of the most taxing aspects of superhealing, but in order to achieve superhealing, we must forgive. Superhealing and anger cannot occupy the same space. Type A personalities are usually characterized as competitive and driven and as having a higher risk of heart attacks. But researchers say that this risk is a result of their hostility and unresolved anger rather than their personality traits.

"We tend to believe that forgiveness supports the transgression that has been committed against us. But forgiveness is not an endorsement of wrongdoing; rather, it’s an act of releasing the pain and hurt it caused through love, the root of forgiveness—and it is not love of the other but of the self. We must forgive ourselves as well as others in order to be whole and healed."

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  • Exercise can help you avoid Alzeimer’s From Chapter Five of Superhealing:

"Just a year of moderate exercise, such as walking, can increase the size of the hippocampus, which leads to improved memory. A study followed a group of non-exercising adults ages sixty to eighty who already were experiencing a natural shrinking of the hippocampus. When they began moderately intense walking, the improvements they experienced were the equivalent of turning back time two years. The researchers found that walking up to five miles a week protected the brain in people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and with mild cognitive impairment for a ten-year period.

"Performing moderate physical activity during midlife and late life appears to reduce mild cognitive impairment in people helping prevent the development of dementia, whereas a six-month high intensity aerobic exercise program may improve cognitive function in individuals who already have dementia. A moderate level of exercise during midlife has been associated with a 39 percent decrease in the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s."

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  • Exposure to nature reduces the stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and relieves anxiety, anger, aggression and depression. From Chapter Four of Superhealing:

"A 2010 study discovered that spending just twenty minutes out doors in nature gave people a greater sense of well-being and vitality, beyond what is caused merely by having engaged in physical activity or enjoyable social interactions. Wilderness excursion participants reported that just remembering their outdoor experiences enhanced their health and happiness.

"Exposure to natural landscapes stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering the relaxation response and the release of endorphins. This reduces the stress hormones circulating in our bodies, lowers blood pressure, and helps to relieve anxiety, anger, aggression, and depression. The opportunity to see nature, even through a window, accelerates recovery after surgery, shortening postoperative hospital stays. Other studies have determined that prison rooms with a view of a natural landscape were beneficial to the health of prisoners."

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  • Happiness and well-being increase with the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten every day. From Chapter Six of Superhealing:

We now know that fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients, called phytochemicals, and with biophotonic (from sunlight) energy. All the evidence shows that a high daily intake of these foods promotes health. There are many associations between the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed and the rate of developing chronic disease. The more fresh produce you eat, the more protection your body has from the prospect of their development. One of the most interesting studies I’ve recently read found that people who eat at least seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day experience much less psychological distress than those who don’t. Why wouldn’t you eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables if they improved not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being?

Diet has been largely ignored by the researchers who are scientifically investigating the causes of happiness; still, some research has taken place that proves the foods we consume do play a role in our well-being. In a joint study conducted by researchers from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and the University of Warwick in Britain, the eating habits of more than 80,000 people in England, Scotland, and Ireland were evaluated. The investigators found that happiness and well-being increased with the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten every day and that well-being peaked among those who consumed seven servings a day.

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Superhealing is the culmination of Dr. Elaine Ferguson's life’s work. Superhealing is holistic and addresses the whole person. The connectivity in all the aspects of life is the key to creating the best life possible.


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