© 2010 Dr. Elaine Ferguson
© 2010 Dr. Elaine Ferguson

We have a beautiful magnolia tree that I love to watch blossom every spring. I notice the first blossoms, that always catch my eye, especially at certain times of the day, as the light dances across them with a magical, almost otherworldly beauty. They are simply breathtaking. The photo attached here was one of them taken just a few weeks ago.

Those blossoms have disappeared, and are just a fond memory, but there are a few, very late bloomers that still bring delight in the midst of the growing leaves that almost hide their presence.

The thought occurs to me, that these blossoms are similar to how we behave as humans. Some of us are early bloomers, when it comes to our health, and begin at a very early age to take care of ourselves. Some do it in high school, becoming involved in sports, and maintain a life long love and participation in physical activity. Others are late bloomers and begin well along their life’s journey.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter when you begin, you can always reap the benefits of taking care of your health. The longer you do it, the better, but whenever you adapt healthy practices, especially those that engage your mind, body, and spirit, you are giving yourself a great gift.

So if you are still thinking about taking charge of your health, but haven’t, I encourage you, to just do it! Make up your mind to do it now—today. It doesn’t matter what’s gone on before this moment. All you will ever has is now. You will reap amazing benefits if you take care good care of yourself. You deserve it. And when you experience the state of vibrant health, I promise you, your life will never be the same. You will get a glimpse of the optimal functioning you were created to experience on a daily basis.