When I was a child, I often after playing with my neighborhood friends during the summer months, take a break and escape to my “cave” for a moment of deep dark silence.  I’d discovered the amazing feeling that happened while watching cartoons on a miniature projector I’d received for Christmas when I was 7 years old.The silence, darkness and peace that surrounded me was very special and rejuvenating.

Little did I know until years later that during my regular escapes I was actually using a meditation technique!

Do you meditate? It is one of the most commonly used complementary and alternative medicine therapies.

According to the most recent survey of the use of CAM in the US by adults, meditation techniques are now a part of the mainstream in the United States.

In 2007, the CAM therapies most commonly used by U.S. adults in the past 12 months were nonvitamin, non-mineral, natural products (17.7%), deep breathing exercises (12.7%), meditation (9.4%).

Among U.S. adults, the use of some mind body therapies increased between 2002 and 2007.  Specific mind body therapies showing increased use included: deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga.  Between 2002 and 2007, increased use was also seen for acupuncture, massage therapy, and naturopathy.

Meditation Techniques including the relaxation response, progressive relaxation, mindfulness meditation and transcendental meditation all help the body to relax and have proven health benefits.

So what are the benefits of using meditation techniques to improve your health?

Lowers your blood pressure

Enhances your brain’s functioning

Improves your immune system

Relaxes your muscles

Reverses and slows down the aging process

Meditation techniques have a profound impact on our organs and physiology.  When using them they help to lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, relax your muscles and slow down the aging process through stimulating what Dr. Herbert Benson, a Harvard Medical School cardiologist calls the, “relaxation response.”  This change in your body helps to reverse the impact stress, especially chronic stress has on it.  When you are relaxed, your body has the ability to heal and regenerate itself.  Your stress hormone levels are reduced, and your cells, return to a higher level of functioning.

When you are stressed, as so many our in our modern world, on a regular basis, the high levels of stress hormones circulating through your body, eventually causes significant wear and tear that can contribute to development of  chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes), and many more.

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Yours in Good health,

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD