While February was  healthy heart month, and while many have focused on preventing and treating heart disease, I believe the focus should be on what we can do to improve our heart health, which will prevent disease throughout the yearholistic healing, heart health.

I just read an article about a cardiologist, a fellow alumni of my alma mater (Brown University), Dr. John Kennedy, director of Preventive Cardiology and Wellness at Marina Del Ray Hospital  surveyed over 2500 cardiologists about the link between stress and heart (cardiovascular) disease.  He asked them if they thought that heart attacks (myocardial infarctions) are linked to stress.  Each cardiologist answered yes.

He said, “It’s hard to get cardiologists to agree on anything, so this is significant.” Dr. Kennedy also asked them if they taught their patients about stress and how to handle it.  Not one said she or he does anything to help her or his patients manage stress to reduce their likelihood of experiencing a heart attack.

Based on my observations during medical school and residency, my experience with family and friends, and numerous research studies, I have believed that stress plays a big role in heart disease and many others, and that holistic healing techniques, can enhance traditional treatment

One of the main challenges for doctors who recognize this fact is that we are not paid to teach our patients simple, powerful stress reducing techniques.  Plus physicians have very limited time with their patients, and medical schools do not teach about stress reduction.  Almost thirty years ago a leading physician recommended the addition of psychosomatic medicine into the medical school curriculum.  That hasn’t happened.

Thousands of studies have demonstrated the link between stress and disease, but they are ignored.

That’s why I created this website and the get well faster tools and holistic healing techniques.  I didn’t want to wait for health care to catch up with the research.  Because the industry focus is on drugs and technology, I will be very surprised if any drastic change in its primary treatment focus happens during the next  decade.

No one can afford to wait that long.  We all need to take care of our health today.

In fact most of the integration of alternative therapies, and a holistic healing  has occurred in response to consumer demand.

Your voices have been heard.

Dr. Kennedy goes on to say that stress is an independent predictor of heart disease.  It causes physical and chemical changes in the body that increase the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.  It raises the blood pressure, increases the heart rate and triggers inflammation.

So how do you easily keep your heart healthy using holistic healing techniques?

1. Reduce Stress

2. Take care of yourself emotionally

3. Express your creativity

4. Laugh often

Beyond the known risk factors, hundreds, if not thousands of research studies have clearly demonstrated a link between heart disease, anger, lack of forgiveness, hostility and depression.

You can reduce your stress in many ways.  Some people meditate, others exercise, while some express their creativity.  Do what feels right for you.  That’s most important.

Failure to express yourself emotionally can lead to emotional stagnation in the form of anger, hostility, the lack of a willingness to forgive, and depression.  Writing in a journal on a daily basis about your emotional challenges can significantly improve your health. Talking to a friend or family member, or a therapist with a compassionate heart is very healing.  The bottom line is emotional honesty, even when expressing difficult ones, is very healing.  Holding them in, repressing, and emotional dishonesty with oneself, contributes to the development of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

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To your good health,

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD