holistic cancer careMy friend, we’ll call Luther (not his real name), was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He decided not against his recommended treatment of radiation and surgery. Instead he and his wife decided to try a holistic approach to treatment. They went to a well known holistic cancer care facility in Europe. He responded to the treatment and was in remission for several years.

Until…a few years later, his cancer returned with a vengeance. I saw him in the midst of his treatment, daily radiation treatments for several weeks, and I was afraid he wouldn’t survived. We’d previously discussed other holistic cancer care treatments, one in particular, that’s available only outside of the US, but due to our inability to contact the treatment facility, that wasn’t an option.

My friend didn’t appear to respond to his treatment. I’d mentioned to him, my recent research discoveries regarding the link between low vitamin d levels and cancer. Once again, he committed himself to a more holistic approach, and began to focus on his nutrition, stress reduction and other techniques.

I saw him a year later and he never looked better!

So how do you, as a cancer patient decide on whether or not to use
holistic cancer care available?

1. research your options
2. talk to other patients
3.find a credible holistic cancer treatment facility
5. tend to your mind, body and spirit
6. find a support group
7. use mind/body techniques
8. Find inspiration

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To Your good Health,
Elaine R. Ferguson, MD