Special Report-Robbed and Poisoned: The Global Generic Drug Catastrophe!

Within the last week, I’ve learned some pretty devastating information about the generic drug industry that I want to share with you.

I’ve been cautious for quite sometime about using new drugs.  And generics for that matter, as the law allows significant variability in potency.  It wasn’t until recently that I became concerned about the safety and effectiveness of generic drugs.  I’ve heard patients say they notice the difference in numerous drug’s effectiveness when it is switched to another manufacturer.

Today in the US, 80% of drugs sold are generic, and to say their costs have skyrocketed is an understatement.  For example, the drug Achtar’, which is used to treat a rare muscle condition in babies, Infantile spasms, according to 60 Minutes cost in 2001 was $40 per bottle.  Now it is $48,000! That’s not a typo.

Recently 43 states filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the generic drug makers, alleging price fixing while describing it as the largest illegal cartel in American history.

Of far greater concern is the massive fraud and lack of quality control regarding drug production.  Our drugs, as well as the rest of the world’s are now currently produced in China and India. The FDA has repeatedly issued warnings and recalls regarding contaminants found in drugs, from glass in insulin injections to known cancer causing chemicals.

A prostate cancer client recently shared with me, he knew why his prostate cancer flared up. He had been in remission for over 3 years. A few months ago, his blood pressure medication, Losartan was switched to another manufacturer by his pharmacy.  Within 2 months his PSA tripled.  Meaning his cancer recurred.

 He said, “Dr. Ferguson, I’m sure that medication is the cause of my cancer coming back.  I was doing fine and then boom, my PSA went from 2 to 6.7. Then I saw a news report about the FDA’s recall.”

The FDA found the generic Losartan was contaminated by a cancer causing chemical and issued multiple recalls in 2018 and 2019.

Please take time to explore all of these links. It’s imperative that you’re informed so you can take actions to protect your health.

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